Josh Jordan

Artist Statement

My work focuses on adolescence’s tendency toward dreams, melodrama, fantasy, and infatuation. I’m motivated by the seemingly mystical energy I felt as an adolescent and the longing, elusive flirtation, clumsy acts of chivalry, and inevitable humiliation that came with it.

I craft my work with obsession, aiming for the clarity of fantasy. My imagery is based on childhood photos, which I paint with a mix of the conceptual history and visual language of fine art and illustration. I see each painting as an ongoing storyboard chronicling an extended narrative. My sculpture is made with industrial-level craftsmanship to project an amplified sense of credibility, and my videos tap into the playful imagery of early music videos to flesh out the kaleidoscopic drama of my narrative.

I try to prolong the fragile experience of youthful yearning, idealistic heroism, and dreaming in the face of the inevitable consequences of reality of adulthood. But there is also a self-conscious ambivalence about the machismo, hubris, and aggression in such bold ambition that keeps the narrative in limbo. The tension between my ability or inability to face my role in these situations is the psychological focus of my art. This personal struggle connects to the widely felt desire to be validated.

My intent is to bind the adolescent allegories in my art with that of a hapless dreamer’s vision for transcendance as an adult, whether it be someone who comes to a large city or new country seeking to fulfill their life’s goal, or anyone living outside of their desired context looking in through the lens of international pop culture, mythology, folkore, and legend for heroic archtypes to identify with.